Who We Are

The company has been established since the early 1970's in Indonesia. In its infancy stage, the entity started with a small trading business of fresh fruits intrastate within Indonesia.

Now the business grew to become the largest importer of fresh fruits and distributor in Indonesia, with its own land and sea transportation logistics, the facility enables the company to also become the largest and most efficient distributor of its own products through out all the major capital cities in the country.

PT Indofresh has now became a well known household name in the country being the largest importer and distributor, and until now, the company is still being chaired and guide by the first founder, with the experience and expertise in the industry of more than 40 years.

The company understands the need to follow and modernised its quality control to be in alignment with the rest of the world, therefore it has set up its own stringent rules of quality control department, at the same time the company has escalated the regularity of staff training to improve skills, know how and level of professionalism.

The company's in-house armada land and sea transportation logistics enable it to transport fresh fruits to all major capital cities in the country. It ensures the products reached its intended destinations in an efficient, cost effective manner, and without sacrificing quality.

Our vision is to be leader in the imported fresh produce in Indonesia


Our Mission is Commited in providing the highest possible level of customer service, on time delivery and to satisfy customers need.

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