Market City

Market City is a “one-stop-shopping” lifestyle supermarket for today’s busy urban professionals. It would be a part of our customers’ lifestyles by fulfilling their daily needs and providing a pleasant shopping experience. Our one-of-a-kind stores would enhance the quality of our customers’ lives. As a full serviced retailer, Market City is dedicated to offer the widest range of quality, good value, and international merchandise to satisfy the daily needs of its target customers in a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment. Market City currently has outlets in Pantai Indah Kapuk, and is planning to open more outlets in 2012.


Providing the most important logistics to the Indonesian Archipelago with over 17,000 islands for over 20 years, PT Kapuas Mekar Jaya has become a major player in the shipping industry, specializing in general cargo. With headquarter stationed in Jakarta, PT Kapuas Mekar Jaya now has vessels ranging from 1500-5000 tons that provide transportation of general cargo, such as cement, fertilizer, pulp & paper, steel, rice and corn to every corner of the country.

The Modern Montessori International

The Modern Montessori International Group today has over 40 centres worldwide. Its principal office is based in the United Kingdom, with overseas offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The Modern Montessori International Group is fully committed and passionate about providing only the best in preschool learning and education. This is demonstrated in our Mission, Vision and Core Values, and is extended to our responsibility to the community and the environment.
As a franchise of Modern Montessori International, MMI Pantai Indah Kapuk aims to provide the highest standard of childcare and education for children aged 18 months to 6 years, covering all areas of development.

PT Aneka Bangun Usaha

As a main distributor for Semen Merah Putih, PT Aneka Bangun Usaha provides an extensive distribution channel to the youngest cement manufacturer in Indonesia, that reaches the western part of the country (Sumatera, Java and Kalimantan). Although being in the industry for only 5 years, with its headquarter in Jakarta, PT Aneka Bangun Usaha has grown to generate sales of over 300,000 tons annually.


Aro Idol has a vision to supply the best quality super red arowanas with standard that is above all other suppliers. We are specialized in competition quality super reds that many hobbyist finding extremely difficult to find.
We believe that since our customers are buying the most expensive pet fish in the market, they should only buy the best. In addition, they can always sell the arowana later on easily because of the premium quality and may even make money out of it.

PT. Arum Nirwana Global is a leading company in food and beverage industry in Indonesia. PT. Arum Nirwana Global is one of the sister companies of PT. INDOFRESH which is one of the top major player in the fruit industry since 1975's. We import many selective F&B products from all around the world and distribute it to all markets in Indonesia. Our role is to import premium quality products from various region of the world. PT. Arum Nirwana Global have a large distribution channel in Indonesia which consist of modern trade and traditional trade. Which we're able to supply and deliver the highest quality service with the help of our logistics.